[ddots-l] Re: punch recording in sonar

  • From: "Brian Howerton" <bshowerton1@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 10:12:39 -0400

What is autopunch and how do we use it if we even wanted to...  I'm not seeing 
that option at all in that record options dialog.  Thanks man,
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  Hi brian:
  Well, I've always questioned the philosophy of having the default mode set to 
sound on sound rather than overwrite wich is the way analog recorders have 
always worked.  I always have changed my startup template to overwrite mode.  
This way you can always punch on the fly if you have your computer keyboard or 
control surface close enough to your music workstation.  I only use auto punch 
when recording stuff where I need both hands, like guitar or sax.
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    Subject: [ddots-l] punch recording in sonar

        Hello folks,
    I definitely know how to do this of course, but I am kind of curious to see 
what methods people like to accomplish the task of let's say punching in a 
vocalist.  I know the cake talking tutorial recommends going in to overwrite 
punch mode, and I believe the default mode in sonar is sound on sound, someone 
correct me if I am wrong there, and then they say after you do the punch you 
can go back to sound on sound mode, but I was just curious to see what people 
on the list normally do to accomplish punching affectively.  thanks,

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