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Charles, the files that you are seeing are the individually recorded audio 
clips. The content of an audio track in Sonar consists of one or more of these 
clips that are cued up to play at the correct time in the project. New clips 
get created each time you record, they get created as the result of many 
editing operations, and are even kept around after they're no longer in your 
project to make un-do possible.

If you want to get audio out of Sonar, you use the File menu's Export Audio 
command. There are lots of ways to setup the export. The way that most people 
are familiar with is for mixing down a project to a stereo file. You can also 
have it export raw tracks, though. Open the dialog, press the help button, and 
check out your options. You have total control of the sample rate and bit depth 
of the files that are created, if Sonar produces stereo files for stereo tracks 
or mono pairs, etc. You can even export the mixed output of a single bus (great 
way to create drum or vocal stems for sharing with others that are doing 
overdubs on their own DAWs). There are several ways to set it all up, but, once 
you have things set the way that works for your situation, you can save a 


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Thanks to all for your responses.  I think I will go for the wav files and see 
how that works.
These are very big projects, a whole Salsa band with four horns, several 
percussion instruments, and several voices for the chorus.  I have open the 
audio folder of each projects and it contains several files, I think about four 
files per instrument.  That is somewhat confusing to me.  The file extensions 
are MG3, MG3_01, MG4 and MG4_01.  I discover that I am able to import each of 
those files into Sonar, however if I do it like that, I have no way of knowing 
which file contains the final take per instrument.  Also when I tried to import 
several files at once into an empty project in Sonar, some files went right 
into their own track, but other were inserterted into the tracks of other 
I imagine that if we open the project in Pro Tools, it will clearly show which 
files are the final takes, and which ones are the muted or archived files.

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It wouldnt be a hassel at all, as long as you dont do any mixing until you 
finalize everything. I do this all the time, and it's a great process.
Omar Binno
Website: www.omarbinno.com
AIM: LOD1116
Skype: obinno1

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        Hmm - sounds like a pretty pricey situation.
        I wonder if it would be a lot less hassle to save the tracks out as 
wave files, than import them into Sonar? I realize that they'd have to set up 
the mix parameters manually to get it as close to the original project as 
possible. Perhaps that would be too much to deal with, depending on the 
complexity of the project.
        Just a thought anyway. I guess I've gotten quite used to work-arounds 
for so many things over the years.

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                You will need to purchase the digi converter software to export 
to omf in pro tools, which costs something like $500.  I can't imagine that 
there would be a problem with both programs on the same system.

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                        I have an ADK Pro Audio computer that I got through 
DancingDots with Sonar 8.5.2 and CakeTalking 8.5.4.  I use an M-Audio 
ProjectMix as my audio interface.
                        Now, I have a friend who would like to do some work 
with me on four projects recorded with Pro Tools.
                        Here is my question:  Would it be OK if I install Pro 
Tools in my system in order to open these projects and export them to Sonar?  I 
have been working with Sonar for about 7 months and my whole system works very 
nice for me.  I would not like to create any conflicts or unknowingly change 
some settings that could affect the way either Sonar or my computer works.
                        Can Sonar and Pro Tools coexist peacefully in the same 
XP-pro environment?
                        Are there any settings in Pro Tools or any plug-in that 
I should be careful with during installation?    
                        Finally, if it is OK to install Pro Tools, do you know 
what is the best way to export a project from Pro Tools to Sonar?  I have seen 
some references to the OMF format.  Can I get that from Pro Tools?
                        My friend is sighted and she does have some experience 
with Pro Tools, so she will be doing the actual exporting of the projects.
                        Thanks in advance for your advise.

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