[ddots-l] Re: Question about Sonar and Pro Tools

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  • Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 19:29:57 -0500

Hmm - sounds like a pretty pricey situation.

I wonder if it would be a lot less hassle to save the tracks out as wave files, 
than import them into Sonar? I realize that they'd have to set up the mix 
parameters manually to get it as close to the original project as possible. 
Perhaps that would be too much to deal with, depending on the complexity of the 

Just a thought anyway. I guess I've gotten quite used to work-arounds for so 
many things over the years.


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  You will need to purchase the digi converter software to export to omf in pro 
tools, which costs something like $500.  I can't imagine that there would be a 
problem with both programs on the same system.
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    I have an ADK Pro Audio computer that I got through DancingDots with Sonar 
8.5.2 and CakeTalking 8.5.4.  I use an M-Audio ProjectMix as my audio interface.
    Now, I have a friend who would like to do some work with me on four 
projects recorded with Pro Tools.
    Here is my question:  Would it be OK if I install Pro Tools in my system in 
order to open these projects and export them to Sonar?  I have been working 
with Sonar for about 7 months and my whole system works very nice for me.  I 
would not like to create any conflicts or unknowingly change some settings that 
could affect the way either Sonar or my computer works.
    Can Sonar and Pro Tools coexist peacefully in the same XP-pro environment?
    Are there any settings in Pro Tools or any plug-in that I should be careful 
with during installation?    

    Finally, if it is OK to install Pro Tools, do you know what is the best way 
to export a project from Pro Tools to Sonar?  I have seen some references to 
the OMF format.  Can I get that from Pro Tools?

    My friend is sighted and she does have some experience with Pro Tools, so 
she will be doing the actual exporting of the projects.

    Thanks in advance for your advise.

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