[dba] Those VSTi Host Sequencers...

  • From: "Penelope" <wikter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 14:40:10 +0100

I run all of my plugins and also other free stuff with Buzz and the
PolacVSTi adapter.
It's the best way I can find.
The Buzz's Jeskola Mixer plugin is the most important reason.
And it's not really a tracker because it use a pattern sequencer.
The best of a tracker software is that you can fill notes with PC Keyboard,
the worst is that you must use one pattern per "mix", it's not the kind of
tracker Buzz is that can create multiple tracks/patterns to control one
machine at the same time.
It can also use different midi channels for each VSTi/FX loaded.
And it's the less CPU consumer i've ever found around the Pro/Free world.
(Audiomulch is more CPU effective, but it's not so fast to sequence).
I'm unable to create a full length song with Logic while with Buzz is easy
to go on with long pieces of over 10 minutes... and sometimes it's easy to
create with the sounds provided.As Logic or Cubase, Buzz needs a time to be
used to it, and it's easy to get crashes if it's used with alpha and beta
I've used Logic/Cubase/ProTools with some films postproductions and with
music and I've found that for music, there's an order:
Buzz, Logic, Cubase, ProTools.
In order of ease of use:
ProTools, Buzz, Cubase, Logic.

Also H8t v2.0 will be really interesting if it's as announced. And will
really kick Buzz.


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