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  • From: ksn <ksn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 16:57:52 +0100

 try Psycle . sure it's actually a= tracker, but multi-pattern is planned
fornext= version.   = vst support is better than buzz  and it has a very
good= sound. like buzz it supports native plugins, though less= available.
and it's opensource   = http://psycle.pastnotecut.o= rg[0]   = -- ksn,
ksn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on= 25/01/2003     = On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 14:40:10 +0100,
Penelope= wrote: = >>I run all of= my plugins and also other free stuff with
Buzz and= the >PolacVSTi= adapter. >It's the best= way I can find. >The
Buzz's= Jeskola Mixer plugin is the most important reason. >And it's not=
really a tracker because it use a pattern= sequencer. >The best of a=
trackersoftware is that you can fill notes with= PC = >Keyboard, >the worst
is= that you must use one pattern per "mix", it's not= the >kind= of
>trackerBuzz= is that can create multiple tracks/patterns to= control = >one
>machine at= the same time. >It can also= use different midi channels for
each VSTi/FX= loaded. >And it's the= less CPU consumer i've ever found
aroundthe= Pro/Free = >world. >(Audiomulch= is more CPU effective, but it's
not so fast to sequence). >I'm unable to= create a full length song with
Logic while with= Buzz >is= easy >to go on with= long pieces of over 10
minutes... and sometimes= it's >easy= to >create with= the sounds
provided.AsLogic or Cubase, Buzz needs= a >time to= be >used to it,= and
it'seasy to get crashes if it's used with alpha= and = >beta = >versions...
>I've used= Logic/Cubase/ProTools with some films postproductions= and =
>with >music and= I've found that for music, there's an order: >Buzz,
Logic,=Cubase, ProTools. >In order of= ease of use: >ProTools,= Buzz,
Cubase,Logic. = >www.buzzmachines.com = >>Also H8t v2.0= will be really
interesting if it's as announced.= And = >will >really kick= Buzz.
>http://cctmusic.org/index.p= hp[0] = >= >Julius
>http://www.sinte-software.com/Aktiv-Synths/mvx/index.html[0] = >= >= >=
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