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A message to all members of dance-tech.net

Hello all dance-tech members.
This is Marlon.
Welcome all again and I would like to communicate to you some news:
-Our network has  now its own domain name: dance-tech.net, that it is how will 
show in the browser now on.
-We won have automatically generated adds.
-I have placed a lot of relevant information on the left sidebar:  thre 
relevant RSS feeds (please suggest more)
-My delicious tag cloud so we can share bookmarks
-A very cool new 2.0 services for  sharing a book list: "librarything" I will 
be developing my list  and you can also share it inside your pages.
Complete your profiles
Visit other profiles and leave comments.
As you can see if you blog in your profile, your post is featured in the center 
of the page.
-You can initiate a "group" based on spacial interests, geographic areas, etc.
-Start a discussion or thread: use discussions for specific questions creating 
an exposed thread...
and please spread the word...
Ok, I think that is all for now!

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