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A message to all members of dance-tech.net

Hello dance-techers,
I hope that you are having a good summer,
Very hot today in NYC!
Do you want to start your explorations of interactive performance with sensors 
read this post:
INTERFACING MOTION with Wireless Miditron
dance-tech.net with the support of its institutional partner Eroktronix is 
launching the contest "Interfacing Motion with MidiTron Wireless" to support a 
young active dance/performance artist in his or her initial explorations on 
interactive multimedia control for live performance of movement. For each of 
two consecutive 6-month periods,
a selected artist will be given a new MidiTron Wireless
to be used as an interface in new project involving the use of
physical sensors for gestural control of multimedia during live performance.

 I have been taking time to do some organizational planning and cleaning of the 
site, etc. maintenance!
welcome new members and please remember to upload your pix for the avatar...for 
your convenience...you will get more visitors! Also for the oldies...remember 
to update your profile and let us know what are you up to...what are your plans 
for the summer...teaching, performing...hanging out!
Visiting NYC...or any other place...share it and meet in person!
Jaki Levi (a very active member) and I think  that it would be fun to have a 
first meet-up in NYC in July with a bit of show and tell...what do you think?
If you have a place that we can meet let me know!
Any takers?
That is all!

  I would like to remind you of the call

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