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Thanks Simon

IDAT was a series of conferences in the 1990's - I think the last one was in 
1999 at Arizona

I think it was also an organization with a board etc. but am fuzzier about this.

I agree that there is a growing interest in the field - however we define it 
and wonder if there shouldn't be some sort of international group formed - 
obviously this list and others like it in the past are a good way for us all to 
try to keep up with each other but it does seem the we could try to create more 
of a "professional association" like Performance Studies International 
(whatever 'professional' means).

you can look at the PSI information here:


Is there interest in this? some sort of international umbrella organization?

or do people think that a list-serve serves us well enough and we should all 
just continue creating what ever opportunities we can as distinct sites and 
simply do our best to keep each other in the loop or...?


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Hi Jamie 


I am aware of i-Dat at Plymouth University. This is a research grouping of
artists, scientists and technologists concerned with interactive digital
media and its research and development in relation to art, architecture and
human computer interaction. It is led by Mike Phillips and involves Roy
Ascott as Director of Studies.

Is this the IDAT you are refering to...or is it another IDAT.

I am aware that the old DigiDance list gradually ceased to function at the
end of 1999 as its traffic fell after the last DigiDance event and Terry
Braun refocused on other issues. This might well be an unrelated event.

dancetechnology.com certainly isn't giving much away...

Aside from Digital Cultures at Nottingham, in Australia recently there was a
very interesting event titled Workshop in Interactive Systems in
Performance, which involved a number of people on this list (convened by
Garth Paine). There are specific proposals coming out of this which should
lead to further outcomes in the medium term. I am sure these will be aired
here on dance-tech.

It seems to me that there is burgeoning activity in this area, involving a
lot of people from diverse disciplines who are coming together around this
topic. Whilst the research field is not new I feel the level of interest is
resurgent and am hopeful this will lead to many new opportunities and

I am also aware of very interesting work being undertaken at Brown,
particularly in digital poetics. Are you involved in this?



On 03.01.06 16:10, "jamie jewett" <jewett18@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Greetings All!
> I am wondering what the current status is of IDAT -
> I know that a while back the old dance-tech/IDAT situation was dissolved or
> morphed into something new - and perhaps this is a process still in progress -
> as the dancetechnology.com and .org sites say 'coming soon'
> We were interested in beginning to explore hosting some version of IDAT or
> something similar and as such I was trying to get in touch with people who
> have been involved at the organizational/board level.
> Obviously we are all benefiting from Johannes continuing to offer sites for
> international discussion/exploration - such as the festivals he hosted at OSU
> and just recently the Digital Culture Lab - are there other movements afoot?
> trying to get in the loop -or start one..
> best
> Jamie Jewett
> Brown University

Simon Biggs

Professor, Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

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