[cryptome] Re: Truth: Nietzsche, Daoism & Wu Wei

  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 21:27:37 +0000

and as for"god" he/she/it, is but the personification of the combined
forces of nature, or at least those forces for which mankind cannot, at
this time find a suitable rational explanation. theory or hypothesis for
their existence.

Just a thought to add to a thought.


On 19/12/2014 20:50, doug wrote:
> A view with which I tend to concur.  Nietzsche also said that "God is
> Dead", a view with which I tend not to concur...if only because, for
> me, for God to die, he had to exist in the first place...and of such a
> fact, I am yet to be convinced...
> What does it do for wue wei and the religion which lies at the back of
> it...Is the universe harmonious for instance...or is it in a state of
> chaos and/or equilibrium at the same time, like shrodinger's cat...
> If life is in constant change, then where does that leave
> immortality?  After all, isn't immortality a state where nuffink
> changes...
> Just a thought...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth
> "(...) Some scholars regard Nietzsche's 1873 unpublished essay, "On
> Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense" ("Über Wahrheit und Lüge im
> außermoralischen Sinn") as a keystone in his thought. In this essay,
> Nietzsche rejects the idea of universal constants, and claims that
> what we call "truth" is only "a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms,
> and anthropomorphisms." His view at this time is that arbitrariness
> completely prevails within human experience: concepts originate via
> the very artistic transference of nerve stimuli into images; "truth"
> is nothing more than the invention of fixed conventions for merely
> practical purposes, especially those of repose, security and
> consistence. (...)"^[71 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth#cite_note-71>
> ] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth#cite_note-71> ATB
> Dougie.^<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth#cite_note-71>
> P.S. I notice that a lot of these sites are American...and offer to
> sell one books, written by one "guru" or another, offering marriage
> guidance counselling and family counselling.  Others offer one
> electronic devices to remove the emf, or electro-motive force in ones
> home, as this force is considered as somehow bad for human life or
> existence.  The gadget is itself worked by emf, but be that as it
> may.  For me, the ideal situation would be to find a religion which
> does not cost any money.  Nuffink wrong with that of course, one has
> to make a living...but make a living out of one's religion?   I have a
> Buddha statue, which is up in my loft at the moment, where I made the
> supreme sacrifice of denying my principles and I purchased it a number
> of years ago for the huge sum of £20.  He used to sit in my
> conservatory on the Isle of Wight.  I thought he was rather cute, with
> his pot belly and nice, chubby face, his body clad in ancient
> accutriments and fashionable jewellery of the times; and he helped me
> no end, in my contemplation and musings of world affairs, the
> universe, myself and things of such ilk....though, I did manage to do
> such things just as well, before he arrived.  And, more importantly, 
> I get consolation from the fact, that even 3000 years ago, people
> suffered from obesity, especially monks and such like.  When our
> conservatory is finally completed, he will take up pride of place once
> again next to the open door.  Nuffink better than a bit of feng
> shui...:-) .  Just goes to show, that we must be adaptable and
> flexible, at least in our thinking along with our physical compromises
> of principle, if, as a species, we are to survive...
> Just a thought...


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