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Yup!  And they should know...Radio Liberty have been experts at it for as
long as I can remember...
See url: http://www.rferl.mobi/
For Voice of America see url: http://www.voanews.com/
You get the truth, the absolute truth and nuffink but the whole truth there.
Up to the minute stuff too... :-).

Radio Moscow is still up and running, changed a lot since I used to listen
to it.  I loved the tune "Moscow Nights", which will be forever melded in my
brain.  Learned all about Communism under Gorbachev, Perestroika and all
that stuff. All those medals he had and what they were for.   A bit of
culture, different nationalities and habits and customs.  How well people
were treated and how the Jews had their own homeland, which was
unfortunately the last bit of land left over, after the revolution; when
everyone else had been looked after... http://radiomoscow.net/

The World Service of the BBC is very independent of the UK government.  It
was operated and funded by the Foreign Office. Nowadays, it is funded by the
BBC license taxpayer, but still controlled by the Foreign Office.  Why
should the state fund it when license payers can do a better job?  It is
very good, it spreads the word about how wonderful the UK is to live in, how
we have freedom and prosperity and liberty and how all the Russians should
leave Russia and come and live here and enjoy the benefits of democratic
capitalism, our wonderful education system and our National Health Service
and universal benefits system. See url:
I listen to it a lot at night. There are a lot of international stories too,
usually done in quarter of an hour.  A bit of national music, a bit of the
local language during the interview and a wee story about the person,
country or situation. It is a good way for an active mind to get off to
sleep... :-).  When it comes to the crunch of course, we don't like
immigration, make it difficult for them to settle here. We just like foreign
citizens to hate their governments and bring down the ones our ruling
establishment doesn't like... :-).  We have been cutting back the funding of
late, covering less countries, concentrating on areas of strife and conflict
where we can give a helping hand... :-).

There's a rough guide on world radio stations and what they are for and what
they do at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/News_propaganda
And for a potted history, see url:

Radio isn't as powerful as it was, other media supplement or take over from
it, like Face book etc...as you have noticed... :-).

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Any similar pieces on the equivalent operations US/UK most certainly are


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