[cryptome] Re: Droning Along

  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 13:43:17 +0000

Depends on who's definition of "legal" or "illegal" one chooses to
accept i spose.

when all is said and done it is not the voting system or the
"democratic" process that determines these criteria but rather the
cunnin guile , wit and dare i say depth of the pockets of the lobbyists
that de ermine such criteria.


On 12/02/2015 12:24, doug wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Do you know how many terrorist attacks there has been since Charlie
> Hebdo?  All those illegal terrorist attacks on our society have been
> well publicised in the media, repeated in graphic detail. Police and
> the military turning up in armed response units to arrest and capture
> alleged and personal terrorists, 19 year old nutters and so on.  Very
> important news of course...and, I am sure, helps us all to feel more
> safe, especally at election time, when our political leaders feel more
> vulnerable...
> And yet...how many drone attacks have been carried out by various
> democratic nation states?  How much property has been damaged, how
> many people have died, or been maimed in these attacks since Charlie
> Hebdo?  How many terrorists have been killed, why haven't they been
> named? Why hasn't it all been publicised, to show that our nation
> states are after all, carrying out their duty, conducting legal
> attacks against those very terrorist organisations which organised the
> illegal attacks on our socieities.
> Very strange don't you think...that illegal attacks get lots of
> publicity but legal attacks get none at all, no casualty figures, no
> property damage reports.  No blame for mistakes being made...nuffink.
> It is called accountability, transparency, folks.  It isn't a crime
> against human rights, nor is it a crime against humanity...why
> not...because they don't happen of course...:-).
> Dougie.


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