[cryptome] Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham: Correction to her previous article

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Now we move into the denials and misrepresentation bits. It's a bit like the presentation of company annual accounts. Different markets require different targets. One account is the internal account which is made by the company treasurer for his/her own digestion, the next one is the one made to the C.E.O. and the Board of Directors to keep them happy, or aware of the facts (depending on the level of trust), the next one is made to the Inland Revenue, the one after that is to the shareholders in the form of the annual report and last of all, and the least of all is another one is made to the employees and trade unions for negotiating purposes. They are all supposed to be the same. The inland revenue one is supposed to be the most accurate according to company law...but there is a lot of interchange and negotiations goes on between representatives of the I.R. and the company, so that they don't have the costs of law suits and going public.

Correction to my previous article posted 25 March 2013. Dr Bhavani Thuraisingham. Google article by Nafeez Ahmed misquotes and misinterprets what she said>>>End of quote.


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