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   I don't know what the purpose of the message below was, but it is clearly 
not Catholic in it's contents: in that, it clearly says that our Holy 
Mother, the Church can has erred. R.K.
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> Never was a truer word spoken about the modernist crisis. While we worry 
> about the creation of the world, perhaps we should give a thought for the 
> end of it.  Though essentially for Catholics this does apply for the world 
> at large. Where you see Catholic, just substitute Christian. Philip.
> "What is needed is not a different pope, but an essential change of mind, 
> what the Scriptures call metanoia. What good is a different pope, if the 
> people still serve false gods and justify the destruction of the Catholic 
> Church's Sacred Liturgy, Sacraments, doctrine, and morality? We can go the 
> way of Sodom and Gomorrah, or we can go the way of Nineve, change our 
> minds, and become Catholic again.
> How quickly we forget! We heard the story of Nineve just two weeks ago, in 
> the traditional Prophecies read out on Holy Saturday. If you didn't attend 
> the Sacred Rites on that important day, refresh yourself by reading the 
> third chapter of the Book of Jonas in the Old Testament.
> It is up to us, not a pope. And it is clear that most of us have not 
> learned the lesson yet. As the ancient Greeks pithily put it: pathos, 
> mathos -- by suffering one learns. To purge herself, Holy Mother Church 
> needs a lot more learning, thus perforce more suffering, just as gold is 
> tested by the searing flame. " A Catholic Priest.

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