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R K  I agree to the technicality, you raised. Perhaps he  should not have used 
the term "holy mother church", which is a contradiction. 
But in the context it should be obvious that there is a distinction between 
"Catholic Church", as in mystical body of Christ, under the power of the Holy 
Ghost  which can never err, 
and the general expression of "Catholic Church" as repreented by its members 
including the hierarchy, who being men of free will, can indeed err. [A 
sodomite priest or Pope is still Catholic priest and Pope.] 

This is referenced in scripture when referring to the great Apostasy, (of the 
church) men. Those holding fast are the remnant, in exile or the catacombs if 
you will, is not truly visible.. 

The Apostate Church, the prostitute , harlot of Rome if you will is what is 
visible and called Catholic Church, yes indeed they may even be using the term 
holy mother church, will be chastised along with its hirelings of the world.  

I do not think it is open apostasy yet, but lets see what happens in the next 
few months. It is important for us who are Catholic to realise that for this to 
happen to our church is a certain proof that we are indeed in the one true 
Church of Christ, but to flee the apostates, "hold fast to those traditions 
that have been handed down to you" for "behold I have told it to you in 

The protestant reformation just got it wrong by some few centuries, and worse 
they rejected the traditions as well, forming new churches losing all unity 
with each other and the past. 

We know that all the mainstream protestant churches will join with this Harlot. 

I believe the fundamentalist Christians (true Bible believing Christians ) will 
be with us eventually. When the persecution begins.  


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     I don't know what the purpose of the message below was, but it is clearly 
  not Catholic in it's contents: in that, it clearly says that our Holy 
  Mother, the Church can has erred. R.K.
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  > Never was a truer word spoken about the modernist crisis. While we worry 
  > about the creation of the world, perhaps we should give a thought for the 
  > end of it.  Though essentially for Catholics this does apply for the world 
  > at large. Where you see Catholic, just substitute Christian. Philip.
  > "What is needed is not a different pope, but an essential change of mind, 
  > what the Scriptures call metanoia. What good is a different pope, if the 
  > people still serve false gods and justify the destruction of the Catholic 
  > Church's Sacred Liturgy, Sacraments, doctrine, and morality? We can go the 
  > way of Sodom and Gomorrah, or we can go the way of Nineve, change our 
  > minds, and become Catholic again.
  > How quickly we forget! We heard the story of Nineve just two weeks ago, in 
  > the traditional Prophecies read out on Holy Saturday. If you didn't attend 
  > the Sacred Rites on that important day, refresh yourself by reading the 
  > third chapter of the Book of Jonas in the Old Testament.
  > It is up to us, not a pope. And it is clear that most of us have not 
  > learned the lesson yet. As the ancient Greeks pithily put it: pathos, 
  > mathos -- by suffering one learns. To purge herself, Holy Mother Church 
  > needs a lot more learning, thus perforce more suffering, just as gold is 
  > tested by the searing flame. " A Catholic Priest.

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