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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 22:42:36 +0100

Welcome, it sounds like you have a lot of valuable experience, I'd
certainly encourage you to take a look at the git repo we have and get
stuck in! We have an IRC channel too which helps as we're spread out
around the world so we're not always on at the same time.

On 14/06/2014 22:14, Jason Pyeron wrote:
> I am a partner in a small firm in Baltimore, MD. We develop software and other
> technology solutions for a diverse set of clientele. I have a passion for 
> making
> things better (or solving problems as I look at it) and writing code. This
> groupd goals are closely aligned my my own goals of keeping FDE as FOSS,
> impementing modern (and reproducable) builds. 
> I want to help in all the ways that the project can leverage me to help, but I
> also bring my goals with me. I think my 2 biggest goals are to relicense the
> project to Apache or BSD (seems the group is settling on BSD) and to get a
> secure soft reboot working. I wanted to select TrueCrypt as a pro-bono project
> last year, but the license and lack of a group (anonymous group members) was a
> problem.
> Relevant Skills: Java, C, C++, assembly, bios calls (old), Cryptography, PKI,
> Security hardware, Enterprise IT infrastructure and management
> I usually limit my pro-bono projects to BSD or Apache style licenses. 
> Searching my old mails I have:
> To-do:
> Script a deterministic build
> Legal / relicense to OSI approved license
> UFEI Patch
> Soft boot patch
> Network password server patch
> More on me in google's cache: https://www.google.com/search?q=jason+pyeron
> -Jason Pyeron
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