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I am interested in going.  Thanks.


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 Hi:  I'm looking ahead to plan a Dads night out for a Cincinnati Mighty Duck 
Hockey game in January.  I'm looking at Wed. January 30th for the game, it's 
against Chicago.  I know it's kind of a ways off, but was wondering how many 
people may want to do this...just so I can see what kind of a deal the Ducks 
will give us.  I think last year it was $10.00 a ticket with pretty decent 
seats.  So anyway - if you could e-mail me back letting me know if your 
interested or not I sure would appreciate it.  I'll then call the Ducks (man 
that's fun to say) after I hear from everyone and go from there.  Thanks!
 Also - any idea's for a December outing from anyone?
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