[chaoscope] Re: New gallery and one animation

  • From: Axone Man <axoneman01@xxxxxxx>
  • To: chaoscope@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 04:05:02 +0100

Hi everybody

Thanks for the feedback!
You can grab all the parameters for this gallery (65 Ko, 60 parameters files) here:
Then, youl'll see that:
Zen_panorama is a "Lorenz-84" and 28-11-2006-03 is an "IFS"
and it's easy now to see what attractor set is used to produce pictures.
Use these parameters and resulting pictures absolutely as you want, no restriction, it's just for fun :-) It's difficult to me to give some comments, after all it's Chaoscope wich does the job, I just use it more than frequently and a typical Chaoscope party is about 4 hours. I make a huge use of the two magic keys, "F3" and "CTRL-R", sometimes I just modify some parameters with sliders, sometimes I work outside the slider limits entering some datas in the fields by the "return" key to go where sliders don't. And I try, try and try again and when I feel satisfied I ask Chaoscope to produce the final rendering. So that is just a matter of luck and patience. Somedays Chaoscope is a good boy and gives me more than 10 pictures I like, somedays Chaoscope is a bad boy and just gives me one or two, it's chaos ;-)

Have FUN !!!
Axone Man

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