[chaoscope] Re: Let's hear your thoughts about 0.3 (unable to link rendering)

  • From: Chaoscope <chaoscope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 18:15:57 +0100

Hi Peter, hello all,

Aha! Well it seems to work if I change the resolution like that. I even managed to render at 8000x8000 (with a 1GB page file though, haha). But just so that you have some more information about the original error: Once I get the "Unable to link rendering context." error, it still goes on to show me the window titled "Untitled 1 - 20% - Chaotic Flow" with all the sliders for the parameters at the side. The rendering window is grey, as usual, but when I press F3 to find an attractor, the render window goes black, and no matter what I do it stays black. So it doesn't appear to be a problem with your code as such, more a limitation of my drivers, but I guess you already knew that.

Great, thanks for your quick reply. All hardware implementations of OpenGL are limited in how big a viewport they can create. Chaoscope shouldn't need to create a viewport larger than your screen resolution (which it did in 0.2). However there's a design flaw in the View initialization where the viewport size is equal to the project size. I'll fix that in 0.3.1.

I don't test if the OpenGL initialization fails or not but I should really. Failure to create the rendering context means you won't get a preview! :-)


Nicolas Desprez
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