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Hi Katie,

A)     Our phlebotomist tracks down results that were never resulted

B)      Our referral coordinators track down our imaging results when we order 

C)      We haven't started using P2P, mostly because no hospital will partner 
with us on it (please check with my PCMH coordinator Doan and she can let you 
know how we overcame these issues (or failed), I have cc'ed her)

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I'm sorry if these questions are dumb or overly simple, but here goes:

FIRST--- I'm reviewing the areas we didn't do well on in our PCMH survey/ 
results-one area was tracking of lab tests and imaging test results "until 
results available".

With our lab interface, our lab results go directly to the provider, who 
reviews them...but what methods to other clinics have of :

a)tracking labs that were ordered but might never be resulted?
b)tracking imaging results-currently we can't receive results directly, 
electronically-they are faxed over and scanned in to the patient file, so no 
great way to electronically track imaging tests before results are scanned in. 
does anyone else have a better flow/ process?

SECOND-does anyone have success in TRULY transferring information 
electronically to other providers/ hospitals? Have you been able to get others 
to sign on to P2P? Or is there another way?  We can fax through the EMR but 
that doesn't truly count for electronic Exchange of information, correct?

Thanks for any input,

Katy White

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