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Thanks Cesar. This is helpful! Yes, everyone has turned us down for P4P also.

Katy White

> On May 20, 2014, at 3:14 PM, "Cesar Barba" <cbarba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Katie,
> A)     Our phlebotomist tracks down results that were never resulted
> B)      Our referral coordinators track down our imaging results when we 
> order them
> C)      We haven’t started using P2P, mostly because no hospital will partner 
> with us on it (please check with my PCMH coordinator Doan and she can let you 
> know how we overcame these issues (or failed), I have cc’ed her)
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> Subject: [ccalac_ecw_users] 2 questions
> I’m sorry if these questions are dumb or overly simple, but here goes:
> FIRST--- I’m reviewing the areas we didn’t do well on in our PCMH survey/ 
> results—one area was tracking of lab tests and imaging test results “until 
> results available”.
> With our lab interface, our lab results go directly to the provider, who 
> reviews them…but what methods to other clinics have of :
> a)tracking labs that were ordered but might never be resulted?
> b)tracking imaging results—currently we can’t receive results directly, 
> electronically—they are faxed over and scanned in to the patient file, so no 
> great way to electronically track imaging tests before results are scanned 
> in. does anyone else have a better flow/ process?
> SECOND—does anyone have success in TRULY transferring information 
> electronically to other providers/ hospitals? Have you been able to get 
> others to sign on to P2P? Or is there another way?  We can fax through the 
> EMR but that doesn’t truly count for electronic Exchange of information, 
> correct?
> Thanks for any input,
> Katy White
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