<CT> Woohoo! DOS dual boot finally works (long)

  • From: JGrossklass@xxxxxxxxxxx (Stephan Grossklass)
  • To: calmira_tips <calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 14:30:36 +0200

Finally got it running (repeatably) - it was all a matter of the drive
geometry (heads, sectors, possibly reserved sectors) in the boot sector,
which I had foolishly overwritten with the one from the old disk with a
totally different translation. Norton Diskedit rulez! :))) Phew...
(Winword 6.0 now takes a whopping 4 seconds to start, thanks to the
faster CPU and hard drive.)

On a side note, my new TFT copes much better with the relatively weak
signal of the ELSA (I guess it's the nonlinear gamma on tubes), even
though I'm limited to 1152x864 and thus a smaller screen area
(interpolation sucks) if I want to run Hicolor, which is the case.
(Considering the new one is a Samsung Syncmaster 191T, it shouldn't be
surprising that I'm rather broke now...) 
BTW those of you still chugging along with those 15" or even 14" tubes
but plenty of space for more might consider taking a look at Ebay and
the likes, bigger monitors (multisyncs) can be had for rather little
these days, not even 21" models cost much (of course the tubes are
pretty worn out in many cases, but I'd still prefer an old 21" monitor
to a yet older and no less tired 15" monitor given the space is there
and energy costs not overwhelming already).

I've also had an opportunity to learn something on how to repair HP
Laserjet IIIs with error "50 service", something pretty common. In my
case it's apparently the notorious capacitor C153 in the power supply
(other possibilities are the triac that controls the current for the
heater lamp, or the lamp itself or the thermistor in the fuser
assembly). I'll probably be getting another of these beasts (yup, 25 kg)
soon, mine isn't in good shape externally (and that's my fault, because
I insisted on lugging it away by hand, and that was neither good for the
printer nor for my muscles). Well, at least I'm not going to run out of
spare parts too soon ;). I hope I'm going to get at least a mix of both
to work, normally these printers can virtually last forever (the print
engine can reach 500,000 pages or more).

Nice to work with Calmira again (it's still 3.2 here, I never liked the
icons in 3.25+), I actually still know many of the tricks and my
keyboard shortcuts. Really refreshing, somehow. Still like that old 486
beast, even though I have other machines that are both faster/more
capable and quieter. (Those old - '95/'97 - 5400 rpm disks are quite a
bit louder than today's 10k rpm SCSI drives, believe it or not.)

BTW did you know that there never was a VLB 100BaseT NIC, just 10 MBit
stuff? There would have been a chipset supporting that, the 91C100 from
SMC. Actually that's used on my Cogent EM-100TX (ISA) here.

Oh, if you intend to run the ELSA WINNER 1000AVI VL in Windows NT 3.51
or even 4.0, be prepared for lots of "fun". The latest drivers from ELSA
won't work at all, finally I found that 4.03 available for the 1000PRO
works fine for 3.51. NT 4.0 users are out of luck and have to use the
standard S3 driver, which gives 75 Hz max (while I'd advise to run 85 Hz
or 100 Hz on reasonably modern CRTs) and only supports 1152x864 with 256
colors, the latter is typical for all S3 standard drivers for any OS.

Hope you don't mind this has become somewhat longish. ;)

Stephan Großklaß's 486 monster:
5x86-133, ELSA WINNER 1000AVI VL 2 MB, 32 MB, 2.5+1.0 GB;
WinNT 3.51/4.0 / DOS 6.22 + WfW 3.11 / Win95a
Home: http://jgrossklass.bei.t-online.de/
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