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 Hi folks, remember me?  
 I've been lurking and kind of reading this list, be it 
 ever so quiet now...
 A brief update on my life for those of you interested:
 I'm married now, to a lovely young lady who loves me 
 very much.
 I had an apartment, but with school and all we're now 
 living with my grandmother until I can get a real job.  
 Things are coming along well, I'm hoping to get my BSc 
 in Computer science in June...
 Therein lies the rub.
 I had a senior seminar project thought out, and I wrote 
 a ten page paper last quarter describing the project.  I 
 gave my paper to the advisor and he said it was fine.
 Last week, first week of classes for this quarter, he 
 and I discussed my progress and he basically said that 
 my project had no significance in computer science and 
 my progress was entirely unsatisfatory.  Read: he never 
 read the *&% paper.
 I would continue on with my project and tell him to stuff 
 it, except that I've realised that it's far too ambitious 
 and unrealistic.  Not only will I have my advisor's opinion 
 against me, but I won't be abl to complete it on schedule.  
 So, I've come to the conclusion that I must pick a new 
 topic, in C/C++ and complete two weeks worth of coding 
 and documentation by this thursday in order to get back 
 on schedule.
 I don't even know where to begin.

Hi Changa!
Wow, it has been awhile since I read anything from you...
congrats on the nuptials, wink, wink!  By the way, in the
course of time, my marriage of 17 years came apart...
but I met a lady about 2 1/2 years ago that treats me
very nicely.  Who knows, I may stand in the batter's box
for Number 3, hehe.
OK, so much for the personals...to the matter at hand.
You do have a dilemma...I mean, C/C++ in 2 weeks?
That's pushing very hard.  I'm such a terrible code writer,
I think I'll let those that can do better than myself jump
in here.  But, the first thing you need to do is visualize
what you desire your project to be...base this vision on
little tidbits of information your professor has spilled out
over the course work.  Does he have some "pet project"?
Say, like wireless internet?  Something small...then
put those ideas down on paper, either "real" or "virtual"
by using your text editor or word processor.  Now, you 
can start your project outline...give a step by step detail
of where you intend to start, and each step towards the
end goal.  Then, just fill in the steps...start with a base
source code and build it from there.
You probably already know all of that.  But maybe it helped
just to know some method of organized approach to a goal.

Best wishes, and don't stay so quiet!
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