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On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 15:08:12 -0800 (PST), Tim Klassen <uc722@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> Would you suggest using a program like Bootmagic/Partitionmagic (using
> two primary partitions) or would you just create a separate directory
> for Win95 and use them side by side?

If by "side by side" you mean running Win3.x in the DOS mode of 
Win95, I've tried that, and not everything worked as it should. I did 
use the dual-boot capability to run DOS 6 with Win3.1, and on the 
same machine boot DOS 5 from a floppy to run Win3.0.

If you only want WFWG and Win95, the built-in capability of Win95 to 
dual-boot with the "previous operating system" has some advantages. 
Win95 knows about it and isn't about to destroy it by accident. It 
also uses only one of the four allowed primary partitions on a disk.

If you want other OSs with them, use either the BootMagic that comes 
with recent versions of Partition Magic, or the Boot Manager that 
comes with OS/2 and with earlier versions of Partition Magic. I've 
found both quite reliable. Boot Manager (but not BootMagic) occupies 
a primary partition, so if you want to install a third OS in addition 
to Boot Manager, DOS/Win3.x, Win95, and an extended partition, you're 
out of luck, unless your next OS can boot from a logical drive or a 
second physical drive.

One more warning about running two or more OSs on the same drive: if 
you delete files in DOS/Win3.x, you could have Win95 (or OS/2) 
reporting mismatched or unattached long filenames. I've done that.

Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ
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