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 Subject: <CT> CT Nostalgia - Fifth Anniversary?
 Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 11:07:13 +0100
 Aren't we quite near to the fifth anniversary of this list? I remember that
 I joined around July '98, and the list was 2-3 months old at the time. I
 also remember being one of the first 50 to join, and the announcement that
 the list had reached the 50 mark.
 How many here are still hanging on from those early days?

Hiya David!

I can't remember the exact date I joined, or the first email address I used???
This one (GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx) has been on the list since 1999.  Some of
the best tips and advice I've received have came from members of this list!
The real "kicker"...with the push by MS to absolutely take over the WWW 
and Internet, thereby "forcing" everyone to use Win whateverthelatest is with
MS IE whatever latest is, I find myself relying MORE on Win31 than I ever
did before.  Why you ask?  Simple...I can still access those sites that use
JavaScript for authentication, but, since Win3X normally doesn't support those
32 bit trojan programs, I have less worry of getting infected.  Besides, Win3X
with Calmira is WAY faster than Win9X on similar machines.  Boot time, task
switching, etc.  It's all faster.  When you combine this with the extra 
of a Win3X system by virtue of NOT running 32 bit viral/trojan code, and the
continuing availability of QUALITY software, Win3X remains a "winner"!!  Not
to say I don't use Windows 95, I do on occasion.  But more often than not I
do my Internet work either from plain old DOS, or Windows 3.11.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
See you later,
you want DOS Internet?  Check it out---

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