<CT> FIRST ISSUE, Re: Re: CT Nostalgia - Fifth Anniversary?

  • From: Robin Roe <roro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 08:25:06 -0700 (MST)

Oh my goodness, I was just looking through some of my old files (I
admit it, I'm a data-packrat)... And it looks like I still have my
inaugural issue. And, I was wrong about the initial date, as it went
out on Monday the 6th of April 1998, not the 13th as I had thought.
So the list IS five years old.

I thought I might share a little nugget, the inaugural issue. So
without further ado, here goes:

 From calmira_tips
 From: calmira_tips
 Full-Name: Calmira Tips
 To: Calmira Tips Mailing List
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 Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 01:44:01
 Subject: Calmira Tips Digest for 4/5/98
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Well, folks, my apologies for being a little late with my mailing.
What with new responsibilities at my job, I've been busier than a
one-legged one-armed man trying to chew wallpaper, kick gum, and
hang a** <bg>

If you have a pressing Calmira problem, mail me at blj8@xxxxxxxxx If
I know the answer, I'll mail you back. If I don't, I'll send the
query out to the CTML and let a member who knows drop you a line. If
the problem proves intractable, you can always drop the Calmira
author, Li-Hsin Huang, a line at lhh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'll
invite him to join the list, so you might see an answer right fom
the horse's mouth, so to speak.

The first and most valuable tip, is Calmira's own built-in tip of
the day. Just right-click on the computer icon, click on help, click
on tip of the day. This contains a wealth of resources.

Q   Why, do you ask, do I run this list if there is that feature,
and am I just copycatting off it?
A    No. I get some answers off it, but it doesn't tell everything.
Some things come from personal familiarity with the program
If you want Calmira as your primary shell instead of the program
manager, use notepad to open up \windows\system.ini, and at about
the 7th line from the top is the statement "Shell=progman.exe".
Change it to "Shell=c:\calmira\calmira.exe". Of course, your path
may vary, if so, change accordingly. Restart windows, and it will
take effect.
Calmira has a built-in system resource meter. Just move your mouse
over the clock in the taskbar.
You can put a FEW of your favorite SMALL apps in the taskbar next to
the clock. To do so, right-click-and-hold on the start button and
drag up to 'taskbar properties'. Select the 'additional' tab, and
click the add button. The entry should be typed like this example:
"Solitare=c:\windows\sol.exe". The word 'Solitare' will pop up as a
hint when you move the mouse over the little icon, and the part
after the = is the command line for the app. When you minimize one
of these apps, it will return to the icon, but with a 'depressed
button' look.
Please note: Don't go overboard with this, as each applet puts a
small load on the system resources.
To close an app, right-click on the taskbar button and select close.
To FORCIBLY close an errant app, right-click-and-hold on the start
button and drag to 'terminate task'. The cursor will change to a
box, and the taskbar will grey out. Click on the app's taskbar
button, and it's as good as dead. Works better than the task
manager's 'end task' button, as that just sends a nice request to
the app "Pardon me, but would you please shut down". Calmira's
terminate task feature genuinely blows away the rogue program.
If your taskbar is set to 'hide', just touch the cursor to the
bottom of the screen.

Once again, if you have questions/problems, drop me a line. Before
you contact the author, he prefers that you try to solve the problem
first. That's what I and your fellow CTML members are here for.

Happy computing with Calmira!
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