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<< Ehm I'm searching too for software! I've looked and asked in several stores
 4 m$ word. But nobody has a 16Bit version (hey m$ win 3.11 isn't dead, isn't
 it?). Is anybody able to post a link to that?? I need it to create a
 helpfile, tried it with works but wasn't working...
 I still have the help compiler and so on, I just need a program (even like
 word) to create (better write) it!
 Thanks so far for your help!
 Thx M >>

I have not seen a link to download a decent version of Word for Windows
16 bit, BUT...I do know of a couple of sites to find the last version for DOS!
It is version 5.5 International English, "Y2K" update to version 5, and seems
to be complete.  Interested?  Try looking here:
or if you prefer FTP transfers, fire up your FTP client, login to:
for username login with public
for password again use public
MS Word for DOS 5.5 is there in 3 file pieces, as well as a text
file explaining how to use it.
At my Wizard57M site I have the full installer in 1 large download,
somewhere around 4 megs.
Just create your document in RTF (rich text format) then use
your Help compiler to translate into a help file.  I also have
a Windows help compiler I could send if needed.
See you later!
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