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  • From: Ross Nelson <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:16:21 -0500 (CDT)

> if you email me a copy of the disk offlist, I'ld be more than happy to
> hex-edit it out if necessary.  Just email me a link to it somewhere or email
> it directly, aol doesn't have a limitation of file attachment sizes
> (actually, it's around 14-16 megs depending on connection variables).

I thought of that, but I'm not the best at hex editing...it'l be on it's
way in a few minutes.  :)

> I won't post it or anything.  I swear.  Although, after it's done, assuming I
> accomplish the feat, I would appreciate a copy as well.  I have been slowly
> attempting to gather 16 bit applications for something of an online
> museum....  I don't know about that though...

In that case, instead of sharing it will all, I'll share it with you and
then you can put it up for all.  :)  That's easier for me, too...then I
don't need to burn it to a CD (although I probably will anyway) and keep
it somewhere that I can find it to email it to everyone.  lol.

Other than a C++ compiler which I don't give out, I can't think of
anything else I have that you could use for it...aside from WfWG3.11 and
Calmira (latest Calmira I have is ~6mo old or so...lol)

> KNow anything about LiteStep???  I am in desperate need of assistance on how
> to configure it...  If you don't know, it's a 32 bit program for
> Win95/98/2000/nt/xp/me/blah that adds some sort of linux x-windows style
> interface in place of explorer.exe.  I have searched the internet, and I
> cannot find anything fairly decent on how to re-write a script and use
> different mods.

I used LiteStep at one point, but couldn't figure it out.  It's what you
say, a clone of AfterStep (off of which WindowMaker was created, or vice
versa), a window manager for X-Windows windowing systems (used on Linux,
*BSD, etc).

As far as the coding of scripts goes, I'm worthless.  I always just
downloaded them.  :)  If they're anything like WindowMaker's, you can just
start off with one similar to what you want and modify it to suit your


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