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  • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:43:36 EDT

if you email me a copy of the disk offlist, I'ld be more than happy to 
hex-edit it out if necessary.  Just email me a link to it somewhere or email 
it directly, aol doesn't have a limitation of file attachment sizes 
(actually, it's around 14-16 megs depending on connection variables).

I won't post it or anything.  I swear.  Although, after it's done, assuming I 
accomplish the feat, I would appreciate a copy as well.  I have been slowly 
attempting to gather 16 bit applications for something of an online 
museum....  I don't know about that though...

KNow anything about LiteStep???  I am in desperate need of assistance on how 
to configure it...  If you don't know, it's a 32 bit program for 
Win95/98/2000/nt/xp/me/blah that adds some sort of linux x-windows style 
interface in place of explorer.exe.  I have searched the internet, and I 
cannot find anything fairly decent on how to re-write a script and use 
different mods.

TIA for any help, hope I can help you...
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