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<< > placement sorta like Calmira=2E=2E=2E not really=2E=2E=2E but the purpos=
 >  e is
 >  similar=2E=2E=2E=20
 Um...were the funky characters you see above in my previous post see by all? 
 Or did AOheLL screw up the repost?  Or is it in fact somethin to do with 
 cuz I don't think anyone could understand what I posted if it looks like 
 to everyone.. >>

Hi Benjamin,
You have to watch AOHell, it can mess things up quickly.  It depends on which
version you use, I'm using 3.0 16 bit at the moment, and in the Mail options
you might check and see what type of "quoting" you have enabled.  Anyway,
this machine is a Pentium 75, 8 meg RAM, IBM P75 330...I run Win31 on
MS DOS...along with AOL 3.0, I also use Opera 3.62, it seems to handle the
newer JavaScript 1.2 better than MS IE3.03 which I previously used.  I also
have another ISP, SurfBest, and for it I "ripped" the Shiva PPP and dialer
along with WINSOCK and other DLLs needed to make the connection under
Windows 3.1.  Also, I use DOS by itself for Internet quite a bit also, sort
of hacked together my own dialer-TCP/IP driver, with a text mode browser,
and I also use Arachne.
Regarding LiteStep, I have never tried this one.  The only  program I tried 
for Win3X to enable virtual desktops was an old one called Top Desk, not
even sure if it is still around...Calmira blew it away anyhow, hehe.
FWIW, if anyone would like to try out my Shiva Winsock package, I have
it available from the SurvPC LifeRaft public FTP site, ftp.tmonroe.com,
login with user name public and password public.  The dialer/winsock package
is named IEDIAL16.ZIP.
If you want to try my DOS package, check my DOS Internet page
then check the download page.
Have a good one!
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