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  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 08:07:42 -0500

>That's me he's quoting. No, I did not learn everything in a week. I
>was using MS-DOS for years before I started using Windows, and UNIX
>for years before that. I didn't know anything about the kernel of
>either system, but I knew how to edit AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, and
>various .rc files. I also used Windows 3.1 before moving to Windows
>95. Talk about ZIP files? I used ARC, PAK, ARJ, and ZIP files before
>Windows 3.1 was invented!

Then how can you not plan on learning to use Linux in a week?

>Linux installation was far more demanding, and more obscure, than
>Windows installation. I reinstalled Windows (both 3.1 and 95, as I
>remember) several times because there were correctible errors in the
>first few attempts or because I wanted to get the right software
>options. Linux installations failed for a variety of reasons, some of
>which, frankly, I could not fathom.

I've only have one error installing...mod_perl would cause an error (either 
the one doing the installing, or the package being installed) on a friends 

>As I understand it, Linux (the part Linus Torvalds is responsible
>for) is the kernel. Other people create other parts, and where the
>initialization files are depends mostly on which distribution you
>have. So to make Linux easier to get running, what you need is a
>better organized and better documented distribution. Do I have that

That's correct for the first part.  The second, I'm not completely sure of.  
The only full distro I've installed completely is Madrake...I've installed 
parts of RedHat 6 (console, some apps), but didn't mess with the config and 
initialization files.  Most files are in $HOME, and, if I remember right, 
/etc (Brian?).


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