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> >Holding down the control key (CTRL) also works, and you don't get the
> >so-called "beeping effect."
> Instead of or with F5/8?

Instead of.

> Now this last birthday, but the one before, my mom and one of her friends
> flooded me with eCards.  That was annoying.  :)

That happened to me before. I got like 300 eCards!

> Okay.  Yesterday, I visited dosos.com (site for alternate OSes...Be,
> OS/2, Dr-DOS, FreeDOS, etc.  I went to Dr-DOS and FreeDOS's sites.  The
> froze, and I couldn't remember the Dr-DOS Site so I went back to FreeDOS's
> site.  In about 4 hours total, I had reformatted C: and D: (two physical
> hard drives) and got MSDOS on C: and FreeDOS on D:.  It's working
> (other than both drives being at 100% capacity?!?!?!??).  I even have my
> mini distro of Linux.  I used config.sys to create a startup menu, and it
> loads the one I want.  The only problem is the path.  I got FreeDOS to run
> D:\autoexec.bat and MSDOS to load C:\autoexec.bat.  However, I can't get
> FreeDOS to set more than one path, and it can't use ':' or '\'.  Anyone
> any suggestions?

For DR-DOS, go to www.caldera.com/drdos. Now their priority is linux. And if
you notice some of the features of DR-DOS are very similar to linux commands
and features. Maybe there is some way to run Windows 9x under DR-DOS.
Possibly even Win ME.. maybe not.

Hmm... The computer froze? No surprise there. <Cough>Get Linux</Cough>

> If I get that working, I just need to fix my mouse (haha) so I can get
> to Calmira.  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

GL! BTW, does your keyboard go into USB too? I think the company that built
your computer went a little USB crazy there. LoL. All you really need to do
is replace your motherboard with another PC-66 model. Or, get a Gigabyte
GA-7DX, a 1.2GHz Athlon, and 256MB DDR memory!! That'll give you the fastest
non-server PC you can get!

> --------
> Ross

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!
Happy Birthday!

There, that should include everyone.  :)

- Greg

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