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  • Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 05:56:08 -0000

> >> > > >Happy b-day, Bob!
> >> > >
> >> > >Thanks Ross!
> >> >
> >> > No prob.  :)
> >
> >> Happy birthday Bob!!! What day is your birthday though? 
> >>(Yesterday probably. LoL)
> >
> >it was my birthday yesterday, and all my cards were sent over
> >the net. well i suppose it's a start to the paperless home.
> >
> Happy belated Birthday Andy!

cheers, bob. fnished work today and all orders have been sent on
time. puters that is. the last machine is a athlon 1000mhz, 256mb of 
ram, 46gb disk, rewriteable cd, dvd and zip drive, voodoo5 and
a sound blaster live.

the machine has been rebuilt cos of overheatin cpu and incompa-
table geforce2. it originally went out about a month ago and the
athlon was over 300 ukp, the replacement was 180 ukp. apparently
when a newer cpu is released older, slower cpu prices plummet.
be warned also, if a new cpu is released and your want it badly
suppliers will hike the price as high as they can.


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