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  • Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 10:29:05 EST

Now I wouldn't swear by it, but I think I read or heard from someone, maybe on
my Arachne list, that DOS and Win3X, including WFWG3.11, CAN NOT READ
NOR WRITE TO FAT32!!  FAT32 should not be confused with "32 bit file and disk 
access".  FAT32 refers to the storage on the media itself, whereas 32 bit 
file and disk access refer to a method of accessing stored data using the 
operating system's "direct media (hard drive) access" by way of 32 bit 
registers inside 386 and up CPUs.  Like I said, I may be wrong, and it could 
just have been one persons experience with
a failing HD, but I don't think it would work as well as you expect.  Plus, 
even if it does run on a FAT32 disk, you will not really notice any increase 
in speed...only a
more efficicent use of your HD storage space.  I could go into detail, and if 
you desire I can send you a personal email with a bit more.  FAT32 allows a 
smaller cluster size vs FAT16.  This means that if you have several small, 15 
to 20 KB files on your disk, each file is stored in ONE cluster...one cluster 
on FAT16 is about 32000 bytes, so you can see a lot of space is 
wasted...FAT32 allows around 16000 byte size for clusters.  If your system is 
running well with FAT16, the price of HDs is really getting to the point that 
adding another HD may be less of a hassle than re-clustering your present HD 
to FAT32...once you go FAT32, YOU CAN NOT REVERSE THE PROCESS and return to 
FAT16 if anything does go wrong...your data is lost.
Hope this helps a bit!
See you later!
Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
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