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At 06/04/2001 09:42:00, you wrote:
>On Thu, 05 Apr 2001 15:26:02 +0100, Erwin Dokter <edokter@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> just a little teaser for what's new in Calmira II 3.11 ...
>This may be way off topic, but I've been playing with another 3.11, 
>namely Windows for Workgroups 3.11, along with DR-DOS 7.03. I have DR-
>DOS set up on a 386 with Windows 3.1 running on top of it. The 386 is 
>networked to a 6x86, also running DR-DOS 7.03 with the Personal 
>Netware that comes with DR-DOS. The 6x86 dual-boots Win95 and DR-DOS 
>using Disk Manager.

Makes my network seem simple!

>Then I started to upgrade the Windows 3.1 to Windows for Workgroups 
>3.11, with the network running. When I tried to install Microsoft 
>Networking in WfW 3.11, I got a message saying I was trying to 
>install an NDIS network driver on the same NIC as an ODI network 
>driver (if I remember the alphabet soup correctly) and I couldn't do 
>that on one adapter.

Ah yes! WfW installs its own network drivers and seems to ignore anything in
DOS. I would advise taking out the DR-DOS network drivers from the
WfW machine, you can then install Microsoft networking. It should connect
to the Win95-based machine OK (or at least, mine does!).

If you want DR-DOS networking (sans WfW that is) then you need to set up
for multiple AUTOEXEC and CONFIG.SYS files, so that you can load
DOS networking or WfW networking as needed.

>Is there any way around that? Specifically, I would like to use the 
>386 to connect a 286 running DR-DOS with the 6x86 running Win95 (just 
>to say I did it). Can it be done with one NIC? Two NICs (but I'm 
>running low on IRQs)?

You shouldn't need a second NIC. I'm running:

A 286 12MHz, DR-DOS, MS Network client for DOS
A 286 20Mhz, DR-DOS, MS Network client for DOS
A Pentium 3, 600 MHz, Windows ME
A 486, 66 Mhz, WfW
A 486, 50Mhz laptop, Windows 95

.. all 10Base2 with single NICs...

.. and believe it or not everyone coexists and talks happily
to one another. Personal Netware could be what's causing the
problem... I've never got that to work with any other network system.
Better to use the MS Network for DOS client.

Hope this helps. Get back to me if it's gibberish :)
Bob Groves

'The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.'
(Marcus Aelius Aurelius, Roman Emperor)

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