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  • Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 11:41:54 -0400

Hello List!
This is my first post.

I hesitated to post this suggestion to the list because I wasn't sure if it
was my lack of experience of using Calmira that created my usage
frustration.  I am a fan of keyboard shortcuts.  I seek them out and
practice using them to avoid the mouse as much as possible.  As
clumsy/non-intuitive as File Manager is, all of the features I use are
accessible via keyboard shorcuts or keystrokes.  Some operations may require
many steps but I am not stuck with only a keyboard.  With Calmira, it seems
that, I need a mouse to navigate, at least until I start defining some of my
own Calmira keyboard-shortcut via Calmira's .ini file.  The question is: is
Calmira fully operational without a mouse?  If there are shortcuts that are
not obvious, I would like to see them documented.  Does anyone on the list
feel the same?  But if Calmira is not fully accessible, I would like to add
this function to the Wish List.

Tip: One of the long sought after keyboard shortcuts I've discovered for
Windows95 is how to navigate a dialogue box, such as "Save As" without a
mouse.  While the focus is on the directory/file listing area, you can
perform all of the buttoned tasks, like create a New Folder without clicking
on the folder button with the asterisk, by using the (not well-documented)
keyboard shortcut "Shift-F10" !!!


I am still seeking a way of access icons within SysTray without a mouse.  MS
Support usually answers that Windows is designed to be used with a mouse,
period.  -even if keyboard access is available (as in Shift-F10) it probably
is difficult for even Support to locate this info.

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