<CT> Re: Real Player and Amazon

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:47:42 EST

Welcome to the new Internet!  One of my major complaints the past year or so 
has been the over-whelming power with which web services are cramming some 
version of Windows 9X or higher down our throats.  At present, the only 
solution to this problem, as well as many others facing users of older 
computers and operating systems such as Windows 3.1, Linux and DOS, is to 
install a Win9X operating system...quite a pain when all you want is a tidbit 
of Internet music!  I've been suspicious of some sort of conspiracy, with a 
certain VERY LARGE US corporation leading the pack, to monopolize the 
Internet and WWW the same as we see in operating systems.
Just my thoughts...see you later!
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