<CT> Re: Issues with exitexec and alias-related stuff (no bugs)

  • From: Jeremy <jjs@xxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 23:48:37 -0500

Ok I figured out how to get exitexec to run a batch file without 
resetting the computer.  Exitexec must spawn a new command shell and 
that command shell must execute the batch file.  

I attempted to create a universal batch file for running DOS games, 
dosgame.bat, which would accept (er, require) command line 
parameters: %1=working dir, %2=binary filename, %3..%4=optional 
arguments for the binary.  The batch file would simply cd to the 
working dir and run the game.  The calmira alias would then call 
exitexec to run that universal batch file with the desired 
application-specific arguments:  

exitexec c:\command.com /c c:\calmira\scripts\dosgame.bat 
c:\programs\jazzj jazz.exe  

Only problem is, it looks like command.com gets confused with all the 
arguments passed to the batch file...the batch file just doesn't get 
it's intended arguments.  My attempt to pass the batch file and its 
arguments to command.com as a single argument by enclosing them all 
in quotes "" has failed as well.  And AFAIK you cannot escape spaces 
in DOS.  So much for my universal batch file idea.

Anyways, I *DID* get the all the DOS games working well now though I 
had to create one batch file per game.  

On Tuesday 18 June 2002 07:11, Erwin Dokter wrote:
> Jeremy wrote:
> > 1) Holding SHIFT while dragging an icon WILL NOT create an alias
> > as described in the help file.  It moves the file instead!  I had
> > to create my aliases manually :(
> I should really update the helpfile...
> SHIFT moves the file
> CTRL copies the file
> ALT creates an Alias

Yup, ALT works!  Hmmm...thought I tried that before I created them 
all manually, I must not have hit it right or something.
On Tuesday 18 June 2002 07:11, Erwin Dokter wrote:
> Jeremy wrote:
> > 2) The "Start In" field in "Edit Alias" MUST be filled in by
> > using the browse button.  If I type the starting path in this
> > field, for some reason it does not work.  This took some head
> > scratching on my part to figure out why some of my programs
> > didn't work.
> I have no problem here; the field is always saved. Just be sure not
> to end the directory with a '\'.

DOH!  The trailing backslash was the culprit.  That is one of the 
syntax differences between dos and 'nix that frequently stings me.  
Half the time I just use the wrong slash altogether, LOL.  
On Tuesday 18 June 2002 10:16, GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx wrote:
> That is also where you change the "Open in new window" so that 
> opening a folder will use the same Explorer window.

I guess I wasn't clear, yes I have found that option. :)  It is just 
that there will only be ONE explorer window then.  If you have one 
open, and then open a drive from my computer it will replace the 
window you have open.  Kind of annoying when working between 
directories.  I thought it might be a nice feature for a future 
calmira version to open a new window for anything opened from my 
computer or from shortcuts on the desktop/start menu...then that 
window would be reused as you move throughout the directory tree from 
Well, I now have everything running like clockwork :)  I spent a bit 
more time than I expected on this...oh well, it is nice though.  Now 
I'm making an image of the HD for a starting point for the next old 
PC I load for donation to someone.

Jeremy J Salivar
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