<CT> Issues with exitexec and I found some alias-related bugs too

  • From: Jeremy <jjs@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 19:45:13 -0500

First I gotta say I am impressed with Calmira II!  I have a old 486 
here that I saved from the trash, which I am loading up with games 
and educational programs for a friend's kid who currently has no 
computer at all.  Calmira really puts new life into an old OS!

My big problem right now is with exitexec.  (BTW, the calmira.org 
download page states exitexec is included with calmira 3.0...that may 
be but it isn't included with 3.3.)  I am now installing some 
old DOS games.  I'll use Epic's Jazz Jackrabbit for example.  It 
seems to run ok in windows but accidentally pressing [alt]+[space], 
which is easy to do, minimizes the window and would be very confusing 
for a small kid.  So I thought this would be a good use for exitexec.

I created a script that contains:
        exitexec c:\programs\jazzj\jazz.exe
which I thought would change to the jazzj directory prior to running 
jazz.  Not so, and jazz can't find files it needs.  

Ok, no biggie I thought.  I then created a jazzj.bat in the jazzj 
dir, to simply cd and run the game, and edited my script so exitexec 
calls that batch file.  (Help file says scripts cannot call other 
scripts, but I did not consider batch files to be scripts in this 

It turns out if I try to call a batch file from exitexec it will 

So what is the *best* way to accomplish what I am trying to do?  I 
have some other DOS games that will need this too.


Also, I have found some issues related to aliases.  I have created 
folders on the desktop that are filled with aliases to programs (ie. 
Games, Art, etc)

1) Holding SHIFT while dragging an icon WILL NOT create an alias as 
described in the help file.  It moves the file instead!  I had to 
create my aliases manually :(

2) The "Start In" field in "Edit Alias" MUST be filled in by using 
the browse button.  If I type the starting path in this field, for 
some reason it does not work.  This took some head scratching on my 
part to figure out why some of my programs didn't work.

Another small issue I've found:  The shutdown screen often does not 
completely appear - it is missing some spots that show thru from the 

One more thing:  Having all directories open in their own new windows 
sucks.  But having all directories share a single windows isn't so 
great either.  Perhaps on a future version any directory windows 
spawned from desktop icons or My Computer could open a new window?


Otherwise, great work guys!  Calmira IMHO is a necessity for people 
who must run 3.1.  (I'd put linux on it if it were fast enough to 
emulate DOS for running kids stuff)

In previous years all the "vintage" PCs I've loaded for people used a 
menu program I wrote years ago, which would automatically reboot to 
custom autoexec and config.sys files optimized for the selected 
program (if needed).  I'm putting more windows apps on this one, and 
less picky DOS games, and thought it would be nice to have something 
that just boots into windows.  One thing I am thinking about doing, 
considering this will be primarily used by small kids and computer 
illeterate adults, is to keep a copy of all settings and system files 
and copying them over on each reboot.  That should keep people from 
deleting the aliases I set up or fscking up Windows settings == less 
calls to me down the road :)

Jeremy J Salivar
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