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  • Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 19:36:00 -0700

On 7 Sep 2004 at 16:59, Stuart Pinel wrote:

> This is certainly the biggest gap between messages I can ever remember!
> Just to ask, I have recently aquired a B&W laptop as a fun project to do up.  
> Calmira blacks out certain lines in B&W modes.  It is quite liveable with, 
> but does anyone have any advice?
> Thanks
> SP
> --

I have an AOpen AX6LC 333MHz PII with 256Mb RAM and a 16Mb 
TNT Riva card with wfw3.11 drivers.  I also found a cool utility that 
worked with my old Trident 975 card that allows you to have win9x 
monitor power management in wfw3.11.  I hope to get it working 
with my TNT card.  This rig is sure faster than my 486/66DX2.

I've been just using the native 3.11 GUI for now.  Might play with 
Calmira later.  That 16Mb video card should be able to do some 
nice high resolution desktops.



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