<CT> Re: Control Panel Icons and Stuck Minimized Apps

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 17:24:26 EST

Hmm, regarding the icons, the easiest way then would just be to open
the Start Menu, go to Settings, then Start Menu.  Highlight the applet
you wish to change the icon for, then click on the "Edit Item" box at the
top of the Menu bar.  At the spot where it has the icon listed, choose
Select Icon, then Browse, and find whatever icon suits your needs or
preferences.  Click "OK:", then "OK" again....as before, make sure
"Full Rebuild" is check marked, click Save and that should do it!

As for the minimized apps getting stuck on the Taskbar, I've noticed this
in each version since about 3.1 beta...as mentioned, can live with it, but
when you get used to just a click restoring the application, it can throw
you off track.  One thing I have noticed with 3.2 is that once you Right Click
and choose "Restore", that application behaves as expected for that session...
Hehe, this feature is so handy I sometimes forget when running my other PC
with Windows 95 OSR1, that this doesn't work that way, you have to choose
Question though, Erwin...if as suspected the TaskBar in 3.25 and the next 
version is going to contain the "Quick Launch" area similar to Windows 98,
can you make an option to disable the Quick Launch...that way those of us,
like myself, who don't use Win98 and have decided to stay win Win95, our
Calmira Taskbar in Win31 will more closely resemble the one in Win95?
Just a suggestion!
Anyway...C U ALL L8R!
or my new site!
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