<CT> Re: Cal311up (descript.ion)

  • From: Erwin Dokter <edokter@xxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 12:55:17 +0200

dozmic@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I thought that perhaps the major problems were perhaps apparent. But,
> unfortunately there is a problem with the descript.ion file. When ever
> I tried to add a description, I had error messages saying that Calmira
> was unable to create descript.ion.

The description case is now a bug :(

I found the reason why it throws the error: appearently, *some* versions
of Windows (or DOS) will report an error when a program is trying to
create a file that already exist, AND that file has the Hidden attribute
set. I run WfW 3.11 and I don't have this problem.

But testing it under NT4(!) resulted in the same error. When I removed
the hidden attribute, it works, but Calmira resets the hidden attribute.
I have fixed it (again) so Calmira removes the attribute before updating
the file.

> Apart from that and the fact that maximising the explorer window doesn't
> fit over the taskbar, I love Calmira and intend to use it for a long time.

Well spotted! The taskbar only resizes top level windows over the
taskbar, but the explorer (and any other Calmira window, or Delphi app
for that matter!) do not qualify as a top level window!

To work around the Explorer problem, maximize it, then close and re-open
it, and resize it to the proper format. It will remember it's position.

-- Erwin Dokter
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