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  • Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 17:17:46 +0200

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Hi Erwin,


> [...]  *some* versions of Windows (or DOS) will report an error when a
> program is trying to create a file that already exist, AND that file has
> the Hidden attribute set. I run WfW 3.11 and I don't have this problem. 

When I read the msg you're answering here I tought I was lucky 
because that wasn't  happening to me. So far I'd only noticed a certain 
degree of instability: Calmira now crashes from time to time, and 
sometimes it freezes. The "last chance" Ctrl+Alt+Del stops calmira, but 
leaves (should I say luckily?) windows behind. Double clicking on the 
desktop brings out a dialog that says "Calmira is not running" and brings 
about the old windows task manager.  On task manager I can exit less 
painfully from the other programs. I _use_ Calmira as the shell (can't do 
without it anymore ;-), and I've nearly forgotten how you go about in 
progman <LOL> .

But coming back to the point, I did find the descript.ion problem a few 
days later after I had installed the new upgrade, but _only_ if I try to 
move or copy to a floppy. What happens is that the files do get copied or 
moved, but descript.ion does not get adjourned. The only way round I've 
found... use IFA to insert description (or copy/move).

All is well with copying and/or moving on the hard disks. I wonder: why 
such a weird behavior?

Ciao,  Mario

Savona    Italy
e-mail: m.pignata@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ICQ# 49187040

       Occhio per occhio rende il mondo cieco.

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