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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 11:18:01 GMT+01:00

Hi all. Just wanna report a bug in the new Calmira. I love the newest update, 
but one problem is so annoying that I had to revert back to version 3.1.

Ok, the problem is thus: I had Calmira version 3.1 - I had delayed the upgrade 
to 3.11 due to my (overly)) cautious nature. I wanted to let some bugs be found 
before I downloaded. 

I thought that perhaps the major problems were perhaps apparent. But, 
unfortunately there is a problem with the descript.ion file. When ever I tried 
to add a description, I had error messages saying that Calmira was unable to 
create descript.ion. 

I also was unable to delete or change the attributes (it was no longer hidden). 
Not a nice feeling when you are unable to delete something... 

Then the cursor would be replaced by the hourglass, with no way of stopping it. 
I had to keep exiting and reloading Calmira to fix this problem. I have a 386 
with 5MB of RAM, and I use program manager as the shell. 

I downloaded the cal311up.zip - should I have downloaded Calmira 3.11 first?  
The instructions only said that I needed Calmira 3.1, which I did have already. 
As I have program manager as the shell, I may try the beta update before the 
one I downloaded. I shouldn't have any trouble with wndhooks.dll? 

Apart from that and the fact that maximising the explorer window doesn't fit 
over the taskbar, I love Calmira and intend to use it for a long time.

If anyone out there could help me?

Thanks, Dominic.

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