<CT> Is there LFN hope?

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>On 9/10 Bob Groves writes:
>Yes, it looks like Calmira still has fans. But I'm wondering where it =
can g=3D
>from now on? I've known the project since original author Li Hsin =
>created its predecessor Calypso, and then went and got a fancy job =
>Microsoft on the back of his achievement.=20

This is the perfect time to ask if there are any thoughts/progress in =
LFN advancement.  I've been reading posts related to MSDOS7.1 and the =
LFN abilities of File Manager under that OS which is the DOS of Win98SE =
as a standalone system.  Weingier proves it has LFN built in natively =
and, because of that, File Manager, as a LFN aware program is able to =
listen to DOS (as it should) and have LFN functions.  This differs from =
NON-LFN aware programs like DOSSHELL. =20

I've downloaded Weingier's mini-win311 boot floppy with LFN support, but =
I'm having trouble using File Manager to copy or manipulate LFNs beyond =
viewing.  I'm not sure if this is normal or more tweeking is needed.

I am hoping this new ability can be fixed and duplicated for Calmira!  =
Imagine Calmira with LFN!!!!!  Hopefully, work towards LFN has changed =
course in that Calmira only needs to be DOS-7 LFN aware, and, not try to =
provide LFN under DOS below version 7. =20

Is there LFN hope?

There's a few discussion threads about this topic, here's a few links:

You can search Computing.net with "File Manager LFN" which provides =
additional links:
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