<CT> Re: Is there LFN hope?

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  • Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 11:57:37 -0700

> This is the perfect time to ask if there are any thoughts/progress in LFN
> I am hoping this new ability can be fixed and duplicated for Calmira!  =
> Imagine Calmira with LFN!!!!!  Hopefully, work towards LFN has changed =
> course in that Calmira only needs to be DOS-7 LFN aware, and, not try to =
> provide LFN under DOS below version 7.
> Is there LFN hope?

Well, last I heard, Calmira 4.0 was supposed to be able to use the LFN
support of Wengier's MS-DOS 7.1. In a message dated 10/5/2003, Erwin Dokter
mentioned this, referring to Calmira 4.0:

"There will also be features that i cannot implement, mostly due to
difficulty level. One of which is native Long Filename support. It is
too complicated to come up with a working solution.

But... there are other ways to implement it, using a DOS LFN driver. I
plan to implement LFN API support, so that Calmira can use LFN functions
provided by the DOS driver... or even by windows 95 itself, meaning that
under Windows 95 or NT, Calmira will be able to use LFN's."

It was later mentioned that this means LFNs should also work correctly on
Wengier's MS-DOS 7.1, which would be very nice to see. Nothing has been said
about Calmira 4.0's release in a long time though, so I'm not too sure
what's happening with it. Last thing I could find said it was hopefully to
be released by the end of 2003. I'm hoping that the project hasn't been
scrapped, it would've been pretty nice for Windows 3.1 users to finally be
able to have LFNs in the final version of Calmira.



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