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  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 07:40:47 -0500 (EST)

Thanks Glenn
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:13:43 EST

You wrote:

>Now, regarding the video questions...I've never ran Calmira on anything=
>than at least "standard VGA", so I can't tell if she will work with
Hercules or=20
>CGA...but, it would be worth a try!  To do this, you need to open Windows
>either from the shortcut in Calmira or, use Program Manager, Main, Setup. =

This is not so easy as you are explaining.

>Choose your video driver from the list, then save and exit. =20

>Windows will prompt to "Restart", choose Yes, and see if it works. =20

If you don=B4t get the driver working at Windows 3.x start up you aren=B4t=
to load Windows at all, so all yr good hints are useless. This isn=B4t=20
Win9x that loads "standard" video and lets you change it !

We are able to load OK Win 3.1 or Win 3.11 with a Herc. or CGA driver, but
Calmira exe file crashes system.=20

In the requiremts text file Calmira tells that you need 386 AND VGA.

Standard setup for Win 3.1 or 3.11 doesn=B4t load a Herc or CGA driver.

There are patches, but we found that it is better to load Win 3.0 and
check that all works OK, then you may upgrade to Win 3.1/3.11 or Win
for WorkGroups, in MS-DOS or DR-DOS and systems work OK...but if we
try with Calmira we get just crashes.

>Erwin might know more about the video aspect, but I don't remember anything=
>right off the top of my head that says Calmira has to=20
>have "VGA" or "SVGA" etc. =20

Jusr read the basics hints and there you find out that it clearly says

>As mentioned, use Windows Setup to change your video driver. =20

If you are able to reach to Windows Setup this means that system is
working with CGA o Herc, and you might tune-up, if needed, but unless
you have some color CGA there would be no need to tune-up a monochrome.

Of course you may change video screen output in some DOS utilities, but
this is not done through Windows video drivers...=20

>Note, you might need your installation diskettes, because Setup will=20
>ask you to insert the appropriate diskette (I think it's disk # 7)...

if system has crashed you aren=B4t able to insert ...=BF?

and direct new setup with standard 3.1 up on a CGA or Herc also crashes,
you may load a patch from DOS, and most times it works...but I feel that
is better to go the "long way", because if you can=B4t load a Win 3.0 it
is better to start checking hardware.

All that you written may work to change a VGA driver from inside Windows
but you have to be able to load it first... isn=B4t so ?

>Last note:  Although it is possible to run Windows=20
>SETUP at the DOS commandline, I prefer changing video drivers from inside=
>Windows.  If you run it from commandline, I think you would more than=
>have to have your installation disks on hand, plus, it's a little more
>when ran from DOS as opposed to Windows. =20

It makes no diffference at all, as DOS Setup for Windows always tries to=
Windows, and if patch isn=B4t already in, it will also crash...
>If you need video drivers for CGA, Hercules or other, a good place to=
>is www.winsite.com, browse through the Win3X files...they have (last I
>quite a number of older video drivers for monitors other than VGA.

We have no problems at all with video drivers, we always test video cards=
choose one that works, mostly the standard included in Win 3.0 is OK, as you
won=B4t get better results changing Drivers, this is only done when we find=
some DOS util aren=B4t doing well, all Win 3.x are DOS utils...ain=B4t it so=

Thank you for your good luck wishes, will keep on trying, but I am quite=
that we aren=B4t alone in this issue.

We will be glad to receive any other hint, even "failures", whoi knows,=
we will start reading sources...



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