<CT> Re: EMM386, CGA, Herc, etc

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:13:43 EST

Hmm, I was just wondering, what version of DOS are you using?  If you are 
MS DOS 5 or maybe 6.22, you may be able to get EMM386.EXE to load in your
CONFIG.SYS file by adding a few options.  Also, after reading you post about 
different monitors, my original thought was going to be to use the "include" 
(i) after
the EMM386 line, but, if you're not using VGA color, you may have problems 
this.  Might be worth a try though.  In your CONFIG.SYS file, be sure you have
the line to load HIMEM.SYS first, then the line to load EMM386.EXE, like so:


Try that, the next lines would be to have DOS control the upper mem blocks and
be resident there instead of conventional low memory, like this:


Save the file (use any text editor to change it) then reboot to apply the 
changes.  If
you notice error messages when EMM386 trys to load, step 1 will be to remove
the include statement, so the line would look like:


The NOEMS statement tells EMM386 you don't want "expanded" memory support,
but you do want UMBs to load drivers in.  If you still get error messages, 
remove the
NOEMS line and try again.  Note:  substitute the "C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE" for the
exact path to EMM386.EXE on your system.  Anyway, this should get emm386 
loaded and allow for upper memory blocks to load other device drivers into.

Now, regarding the video questions...I've never ran Calmira on anything other 
at least "standard VGA", so I can't tell if she will work with Hercules or 
it would be worth a try!  To do this, you need to open Windows Setup...either 
the shortcut in Calmira or, use Program Manager, Main, Setup.  Choose your 
driver from the list, then save and exit.  Windows will prompt to "Restart", 
Yes, and see if it works.  Erwin might know more about the video aspect, but I
don't remember anything right off the top of my head that says Calmira has to 
"VGA" or "SVGA" etc.  As mentioned, use Windows Setup to change your video
driver.  Note, you might need your installation diskettes, because Setup will 
ask you
to insert the appropriate diskette (I think it's disk # 7)...or, if you have 
drivers for your monitor, you can use that diskette, or if copied to a 
directory on 
your hard drive, point Windows Setup to the directory.  Another note, 
Calmira will make the shortcut to Windows Setup to a EXE file named 
"WINSETUP.EXE" in the Windows directory...not all installations of Windows 
this file though!  In my case, the file is just named "SETUP.EXE"...so, you 
either change the shortcut to point to SETUP, or, do like I did and just 
"copy" the
file SETUP.EXE to WINSETUP.EXE...now I have both, they are the exact same
file, just 2 different names.  Last note:  Although it is possible to run 
SETUP at the DOS commandline, I prefer changing video drivers from inside 
Windows.  If you run it from commandline, I think you would more than likely 
to have your installation disks on hand, plus, it's a little more "cryptic" 
when ran
from DOS as opposed to Windows.  If you need video drivers for CGA, Hercules
or other, a good place to search is www.winsite.com, browse through the Win3X
files...they have (last I checked) quite a number of older video drivers for 
other than VGA.
Good luck!
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