[bvipilots] Re: for those having wierd experiences during the flight, read some tips

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:47:55 -0400

Hi back at you Adam. 
I have NVDA installed. 
But not yet master it. 
When ever possible, I use the voice commands to activate the items in the menu 
bar while in flight. 
But when I have to for like reading back commands to the clearance delivery I 
use the select one, two and or three commands or just simply press the one, two 
and three keys. 
The one place I’m having problems reading everything back at is the clearance 
I can correctly read everything back at the ground level for the taxi 
instructions about nine out of ten times. 
I have no problems reading back the tower instructions. 
But I have to use the select one command so that the tower hears my flight 
number because I don’t yet have the clearance delivery down pat yet. 
But Our chieff master pilot is working on this for we BVI pilots. 
Also, for the same reason while climbing I need to use the select one command 
instead of the copy command until I reach the assigned level ALT for cruising. 
But once I reach the level ALT and for desending and landing and taxiing I have 
no problems via the voice commands. 
Hope this answers your questions. 
blind Pilot. 

Ron and current Leader Dog boz who states 
"that a service dog beats a cane paws down any day of the week."

From: Adam B. Shaible 
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Subject: [bvipilots] Re: for those having wierd experiences during the flight, 
read some tips

Hello Hadi,
I couldn't have said it better, myself.  It is very important to do all of the 
checklists because if you were flying for real and you bypassed any of them, 
well, have a bad trip, then!
Also, have you figured out how to activate the items in the menu bar while in 
flight?  I use NVDA, which commands are almost identical to Jaws.  I can get to 
the menues such as flights, aircraft, etc.  I can even get to Select aircraft 
for example.  But when I press Numpad Insert Divide to left click the mouse, 
nothing happens.
Any suggestions from anyone are greatly appreciated.  It is important for me to 
access this so I can get to the Map window, or use any of the functions in Come 
Fly With Me when using FS X.

Thanks and best regards,
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  From: hadi rezaei 
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  Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 3:12 PM
  Subject: [bvipilots] for those having wierd experiences during the flight, 
read some tips

  i have noticed that  some people are running into problems durring the flight,
  like wierd altitude changes, incorrect headings and such.
  please pay attention to these matters,
  that first, all the pilots should do (all) the checklists. from pre-flight to 
shut down.
  it means, if at the start you instruct michel to taxi and takeoff checklist, 
(i have noticed some pilots do that) it's a risk and you should expect incoming 
problems in your flights.
  so please do all the checklists at the flights, because a real pilot (we are 
working with a simulator) doeses that.
  second, while at the flight, pay attention to hand the speed control to 
michel, or accedintally not taking the control from her.
  speed control simply means (virticle range, and virticle speed control, 
alongside of airspeed control)
  so, if you take the control of it, either you should control airspeed, 
virticle range proly, or expect to lose control and crash.
  a person like me who does 90% of my flight on crj-700, can control the speed 
and virticle speed well because by now i can calculate and set the requirements 
for the aircraft since i know its behaviours most of the time.
  next thing, is about not touching the keyboard alot. pressing the aero keys, 
or some keys on your keyboard will do ajust the aircrafts buttons and will 
cause interferance, like the yoke movements, the corse settings and such.
  while at the flight, keep getting information about your position.
  "get directions to the airport"
  "get the flight data"
  "get distance to next waypoint"

  after the aircraft clean, make sure to check that the gps is on by saying
  "set nav gps on"
  "set nav vor on"

  don't speek to your around alot while your microphone is on. (i mean when you 
are not talking with michel) it make things like this:
  spoilers will fully extend
  you will ajust airspeed which makes michel to lose the control of it.
  you will ajust incorrect q&h
  flaps will incorrectly move
  and many many things which sometimes the speech recognition captures it and 
form into something else. 
  especially non-english languages.
  also note this that pressing z will completely turn off/on the autopilot 
system so if you accedintally press it it will 1: make michel to lose airspeed, 
2: make your aircraft to lose control.
  also at last, again, please do all the checklists they are there for 
  (p.s, i'm going to see if we can set up a channel on team talk or team speak 
3 for blind pilots. let me know of your ideas bout it)

  you have this mail from hadi

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