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Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all excited to go to the AIAA Region I Student Paper
Conference tomorrow!  There will be two vans, an AM van and a PM van
departing for the conference.  So far he is the list I have for the two

*Meeting Point: In front of the ME department doors on Cummington Mall*
*110 Cummington Mall*

*Van #1 - 10am departure*
Chris Hayes (D)
Victor Cervantes (D)
Felix Zhou
Dan Poe
Ben Ha
Mehmet Akbulut
Scott Nickesberg

*Van #2 - 6pm departure*
Cory Absi (D)
Jeremy Pedro
Alex Rivera

As you guys can see van 1 is packed so it will be 2 people in the front, 2
in the middle and 3 in the back, I am fine with this (since I am not going
in that van haha).  *If any of you have a problem with this or would like
to offer to come in the 6pm van please let me know ASAP.  Call my cell
number below, email is too slow.  *

*A reminder about food:*
You all should have received an update about the schedule of the conference
from Cornell, if you are leaving in the 1st van, you will make the Friday
night dinner.  All other meals on Saturday including snacks are provided
for us as part of the conference fee.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring
some extra cash or a card if you guys want to grab some extra food or
anything else.

*Dress Code:*
Please bring a suit and tie (or bow tie for Chris) for the banquet dinner
Saturday night, I believe it is formal and bring one change of close
business casual (some pants or dark jeans with a polo shirt or button
down).  Basically it is a professional conference so dress accordingly.

Rocket Hot Fire Test:
On Sunday, the current plan is to leave early in the morning from Cornell
University (6 or 7am) to drive straight to Sudbury, MA for the rocket team
hot fire 10s burn.  I know a lot of you have put in a lot of work and want
to see it.  As of now everyone on the list wants to do this so it seems
like we will have both vans head to the site.  The test should be over by 2
or 3pm the latest and we should be back at BU by 4pm the latest (can change
due to complications so don't quote me on that haha).

Anyways see you all tomorrow!  I will be checking my email frequently for
questions however the BEST way to reach me is to text or call my cell at

Thanks guys!
Cory Absi

*Boston University *
*BS ENG'14*
*BU AIAA President '13-'14*
*BU SEDS Vice President '13-'14*

Cory R. Absi
586 Weld Street
West Roxbury MA, 02132
c: 617-909-2297
e: cory.absi@xxxxxxxxx

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