[Bristol-Birds] Golden Eagle photographed with remote camera Shady Valley, TN 2 Feb 2012

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First visit this year from GOEA at Marriage Ground Ridge 01, 
Shady Valley, TN.  Elevation 3,150'.  Camera set on Jan. 17.  
Stayed for 22 mins. Feb. 2 between 10 and 10:30AM.  Other 
frames show distinct white band on tail indicating immature 

The above photo and message were sent to me today (3 Feb
2012) by Todd Eastin of Shady Valley, Johnson County, TN.

I edited the photo slightly by cropping some of the sky and
trees from the top to make the photo smaller and with less
depth.  Otherwise the rest of the image remains as sent.

Eastin is operating a remote digital trail camera to capture
photographs of any Golden Eagle appearing in Shady Valley
as well as other creatures.  This is the second year that he
has been successful with the method.

The eagle was lured to a roadkill deer carcass Eastin had
placed in an opening in the woods with a remote sensor
digital camera set to photograph anything that came to feed
on the animal.

The East Tennessee Golden Eagle Group made history
22 Feb. 2011, when Todd and wife Lynn Eastin, 
photographed a Golden Eagle on Iron Mountain 
in Shady Valley, TN -- Johnson County.  It became the
first photo of the species for Shady Valley and maybe for
Johnson County.  

The Bristol Bird Club's East Tennessee Golden Eagle Group 
began monitoring in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee on
17 Feb 2011 and the eagle was detected five days later.  It is
the first Golden Eagle we know to have been photographed in
Tennessee as part of the cooperative efforts of the Eastern 
Golden Eagle Working Group, an international partnership 
founded in 2010 in order to address research gaps and 
gather basic information on the distribution and ecology 
of this magnificent raptor. The project is under the leadership
of biologists at West Virginia University.

The only previous record for the species in Shady Valley was a 
bird seen 6 Mar 1993 when John Shumate and Lorrie Shumate saw 
one perched on a limb in the morning snow along TN Rt. 133 in 
the Beaverdam Creek gorge.  On 30 Jan 2005, as the Shumates
returned from Mountain City heading north on U.S. 421 to Shady 
Valley in Johnson County, TN., they again saw a Golden Eagle 
and this time on the Mountain City side of Iron Mountain.  As they 
traveled up the mountain about a half-a-mile from the top at the 
sharp turn back (still on the Mountain City side) there was a Golden 
Eagle feeding on a deer carcass beside the road. They enjoyed a 
great look at that bird.

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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